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Best Places To Teach English Abroad

Best Places to Teach Abroad

Best Places To Teach English Abroad

If you’re thinking about taking the leap, these are the best places to teach abroad. They are the top TEFL destinations because:

  • English schools are posting an abundance of jobs.
  • Teachers are already flocking to these TEFL destinations.
  • The pay scale is higher in comparison.

Let’s dive right into our list of the best places to teach abroad starting.

East Asia

East Asia Map

Perhaps, it’s East Asia that has the highest demand for English language teachers. Think about countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Although salaries are generally high, these countries also have a higher cost of living.

Nevertheless, if you can find a language school to work in East Asia, they usually pay the cost of your flight and housing. This is why when you want to save a lot of money, then we always suggest going to East Asia. All countries require a Bachelor’s Degree and possibly a TEFL certificate.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia also has a high demand for English teachers with reasonable salaries. Coupled with a lower cost of living, it has the potential for you to save a decent amount of money.

Think about countries like Thailand and Cambodia which are highly sought after by English language teachers. This part of Asia has some of the few countries that you can reach without a degree like Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Central Asia

The whole TEFL industry is in a startup state in Central Asia. Although it’s less established in countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, it’s becoming an area of growth for teaching job placements in the world today.

Central and South America

South America Map

It’s challenging to find a job in this area of the world because employers don’t go through the trouble of sponsoring teachers from abroad. Job postings are sparse and salary levels are bare minimum without much ability to save money.

Needless to say, you are more likely to get accepted for a job in Central and South America if you are situated there. Some of the biggest markets for TEFL are Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. Even though it’s difficult to find legal work and you have your eyes set on their area, it’s still entirely possible.


Europe Map

Europe is a popular destination for TEFL teachers including countries like Spain, France, and Italy. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to get a position in Europe without being from an EU member country.

With that said, there are government programs that can help arrange a visa to work legally in Europe. Peak hiring in most of Europe is in early September. Generally, the requirement to work in Europe is a Bachelor’s Degree and CELTA certification.

The Middle East/North Africa

Middle East Map

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Dubai are known for having some of the most rigid requirements for hiring English language teachers. In most markets, you often need to be a qualified teacher or have a high-level experience as a teacher.

There aren’t a lot of jobs that hire entry-level teachers but your best chance is in North Africa such as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. While salaries can be quite high in the Middle East, they drop as you enter North Africa.

Central Africa

Africa Map

Most English teaching opportunities are volunteer-based from organizations like Peace Corps. Look for volunteer groups that cover your flights, medical, monthly living allowance, and housing.

Some of the popular destinations to teach English in Africa include Tanzania, South Africa, and Ghana. However, the official languages in these countries are already English so the intake of teachers is not terribly high.

What Are the Best Places to Teach Abroad?

These are the best places to teach abroad that offer an abundance of jobs.

Where should you teach English abroad as a career?

Do you want to live somewhere tropical? Where do you want to travel to? How much can you make teaching English? Is it easy to find a job compared to other ESL locations?

We hope you’ve found answers to the questions here. But hit us back with a comment below.


  1. Exactly. Context is key. I teach in China, and what you can make here depends on your connections and your game. People are begging me on the streets to tutor their children, and were I a younger man (as in “teaching in every available venue”) I could do far better here than I could in the US. But the Bottom Line is Cost of Living, which is quantumly lower than in America. Combine that with free housing, food allowance, and medical insurance–which are usually part of the standard package– and you have a hard-to-beat deal.

  2. Maybe you’re not considering the lower cost of living or that many Chinese schools provide an apartment to their ESL teachers for FREE. Before you jump to conclusions, you may want to research how much it costs to live in each of these places. These wages could go farther than you think.

  3. These listed salaries are slave wages. $36,000 per year is good money for a university-educated native speaker? On what planet?

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