Teaching English in China

Have you ever wanted to teach English in China? China has the most English teaching jobs in the world today. Find out more in our guide for how to teach English in China.

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China is a country that strives for success. It all starts in the education system. With over 1.4 billion people living in China, it’s one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. No other country in the world has more demand for English teachers than China. Although the demand is high in China to learn English, it’s still relatively new for English teacher acquisition.

A Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for teaching English in China and the majority of schools require a TEFL certificate. You need a work visa and be invited by a Chinese company.  You get your work visa before even entering China and it’s illegal to work with a tourist visa. In general, kids are enthusiastic to meet you and learn a new language.

You have lots of space to grow and develop your career. Most English teachers feel like their jobs are rewarding and feel like they are making a difference. Almost everyone starts as an English teacher. But it’s easy to diversify into different roles. If you go to China with an open mind and a sense of adventure, you’ll get over the culture shock and have an amazing time.


TEFL jobs in China are usually by tutoring or teaching in an academy, public school, from kindergarten to university.  The two main options are working in a public school or private language academy.

English Training Centers (China) – There are thousands of English language training centers for before and after school learning. The aim is to increase fluency through English conversation.  Teachers work 30 hours a week on average during evenings and weekends.

Public Schools and Universities – The most desirable jobs are in public schools because you get more vacation time and a higher salary. One way to work in the public school system is through CIEE. Once you apply and get accepted, China is a flagship location to teach in.  Not only in grade school, but you can also work in universities around China. 

  • Premier TEFL China Internship – Get paid, earn TEFL certification, and experience China all at the same time in an internship program for China.
  • English First – English First has job openings for teaching English to children, teenagers and adults in China.
  • CIEE – Council On International Educational Exchange is a non-profit intercultural exchange organization for teachers who want to teach abroad.
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Salaries are competitive in China with an average pay of about 12,000 RMB monthly. But you can make anywhere between $1,000-2,500 USD per month teaching English in China. It’s easy to save money when you’re teaching English in China.

One of the nice things about teaching in China is that schools tend to offer generous welcome packages. For example, benefits include subsidized rent, housing allowance, and contract completion bonuses. They also cover your departure and return flights to your home country.

The cost of living is reasonable in China. But it’s on the rise, especially in cities like Shanghai or Beijing. Despite a higher cost of living here, you can expect higher salaries in these cities too. You don’t have to try hard to save and it’s easy to come out ahead at the end of your contract.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can make anywhere between $1,000-2,500 USD per month teaching English in China. There are also extra benefits including paid expenses, accommodation, and flights.

Yes, it’s now a requirement to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to get a work visa in China.

China doesn’t have the same standard of law and order, political correctness, racial/gender equality, or individualism as many Western countries do.  In general, China is safe to live and work in. But you need a very open mind and try to read up on culture shock.

No, you don’t have to speak Mandarin. But speaking the local language is helpful for daily life and classroom teaching. It also helps you interact with teachers at your school.

Typically, you need a Bachelor’s degree and a criminal background check. Some schools require TEFL certification.

Don’t forget it’s you who has the negotiating power. You will be the centerpiece for your school. You bring a lot to the table. Negotiate for better living accommodation, a better salary, or even more vacation because typically you get less than 10 days a year.


  • China is the most populous in the world with over 1.4 billion people.
  • China has a rich culture, history, and history of more than 5,000 years.
  • It’s one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of GDP growth.
  • Mainland China stretches from the Himalayas in the west to the tropics in the east.
  • It has plenty of festivals to enjoy in China like the Lantern, Dragon Boat, and Tomb Sweeping festivals.
  • China borders 14 other countries so it’s perfect for traveling and collecting stamps in your passport.
  • The country is big and diverse to travel from within giving visitors unique and new experiences.
  • Chinese cuisine is flavorful, but also unusual at times.