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How To Teach English Abroad Without a Degree

Teach English Abroad Without a Degree

If you want to teach English without a degree, you should pay close attention to South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Also, don’t forget that degree requirements are changing all the time so make sure to confirm before you head over to your destination country.

Visa requirements are constantly changing. Below is a general guideline as to which locations allow you to teach without a degree. But just in case, make sure to double-check as they are all not 100% confirmed.

CountryDegree RequirementSalary
Argentina Flag ArgentinaNo Degree Required$600-1,200 USD per month
Bhutan Flag BhutanDegree Preferred. Not Required$400-750 USD per month
Bolivia Flag BoliviaNo Degree Required$500-900 USD per month
Brazil Flag BrazilNo Degree Required$700-1,500 USD per month
Cambodia Flag CambodiaDegree Preferred. Not Required$800-1,300 USD per month
Colombia Flag ColombiaNo Degree Required$800-1,300 USD per month
Costa Rica Flag Costa RicaNo Degree Required$600-1,200 USD per month
Ecuador Flag EcuadorNo Degree Required$500-1,000 USD per month
Egypt Flag EgyptNo Degree Required$800-2,500 USD per month
India Flag IndiaNo Degree Required$250-1,200 USD per month
Indonesia Flag IndonesiaDegree Preferred. Not Required$600-1,200 USD per month
Jordan Flag JordanDegree Preferred. Not Required$600-1,400 USD per month
Lebanon Flag LebanonNo Degree Required$900-1,500 USD per month
Madagascar Flag MadagascarNo Degree Required$500-1,200 USD per month
Mexico Flag MexicoNo Degree Required$500-1,200 USD per month
Morocco Flag MoroccoDegree Preferred. Not Required$1,000-2,200 USD per month
Panama Flag PanamaNo Degree Required$900-1,500 USD per month
Poland Flag PolandDegree Preferred. Not Required$600-1,300 USD per month
Romania Flag RomaniaDegree Preferred. Not Required$600-1,200 USD per month
Russia Flag RussiaNo Degree Required$800-1,500 USD per month
Slovakia Flag SlovakiaDegree Preferred. Not Required$500-1,000 USD per month
Spain Flag SpainDegree Preferred. Not Required$800-1,800 USD per month
Sri Lanka Flag Sri LankaNo Degree Required$200-1,000 USD per month
Turkey Flag TurkeyDegree Preferred. Not Required$500-1,200 USD per month
Uruguay Flag UruguayNo Degree Required$800-1,400 USD per month

Teach Online

As the world shifts to virtual learning, anyone can teach online without a degree. You also don’t need to be a native English speaker. But the qualifications completely depend on the online teaching company. While some require a degree or teaching experience, other platforms don’t need any type of degree at all.

Even though this market is a bit saturated at the moment, online learning is here to stay. It’s one of the best ways for teachers and students to practice speaking in live conversation. But there are lots of English teaching jobs online such as Magic Ears, QKids, and Preply.

Central/South America

You are allowed to teach English in most countries in Central/South America without a Bachelor’s degree. But schools often don’t cover flights and housing so you’ll likely have to be on-site to apply.

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In general, your wage is much higher than the national average. But it’s still low compared to Asia and hard to save money in countries like Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

It’s also more difficult to land a job in South America because of the lack of online job advertisements. It’s easier to be already there and knock at the doors of some institutions to find a job.


If you are part of the EU, then there are a lot of options to teach English in Europe even without a degree. If you are from Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, there are options for working holiday visas.

Students can apply for long-term student visas, which allow them to teach up to 20 hours per week. If you want to go to Germany, Portugal, or Poland, you can obtain a freelance visa for teaching English.

Unlike most countries in Asia that pay for your flights and accommodation, this does not exist in Europe. Even though it’s possible to teach without a degree, employers still prefer it if you have a Bachelor’s degree. There are also paid TEFL internship opportunities to start teaching in Europe.


If you want to teach in Asia, most countries require a Bachelor’s degree. All of the major countries that hire English speakers like China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan require a Bachelor’s degree for employment.

At the moment, some of the exceptions are Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos. But even though it’s not a requirement, these countries still prefer a Bachelor’s degree.

Asia hires the most English teachers than any other continent so you’ll likely have complete a university degree before you can obtain a visa.


English teaching positions in most of Africa are mostly on a volunteer basis. For example, the Peace Corps is one of the largest volunteering organizations for teaching in Africa.

If you don’t want to go with the Peace Corps, then international schools are another option. But many countries already speak English in urban areas so there is less of a demand for English teachers.

Some of the most popular TEFL destinations include Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, and Mali. There are paid positions available in northern Africa in countries like Egypt and Morocco but they require a Bachelor’s degree.

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