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Teaching English in Cambodia

Teaching English In Cambodia Feature
If you’re thinking about teaching English in Cambodia, it’s a laid-back and inexpensive place to live and you don’t need a degree to teach there.

Teaching English in Cambodia


Bachelor’s Degree: Preferred

Monthly Salary: $1,000 to 1,200 USD

Peak Hiring: Year-round

Visa Information: Work visa

Housing: Not compensated

Airfare: Not reimbursed

Student Types: Business English and children

At a Glance

If you’re a native speaker of English with a passion for languages and education, teaching English as a foreign language may be the ideal job for you. Demand for English teachers is high throughout the world, particularly in Cambodia.


Whether it is food, travel, safety, or welcoming people, these are all excellent reasons to move and teach English in Cambodia. But keep in mind that Cambodia is a 3rd world country and is very different from Western culture. This doesn’t mean it’s worse, just different. 

You can earn anywhere from $1,000 to 1,200 USD per month teaching English in Cambodia. Visas and work permits have recently become a little complicated.  Technically, employers often pay for work permits, but keep an eye out to make sure it’s all in order.

If you’re thinking about shaking up life by teaching English in Cambodia, it’s a laid-back and inexpensive place to live. You don’t need a degree to teach there so it makes it a great alternative to Thailand.

English Language Schools in Cambodia

Having a TEFL certificate will really be for your benefit to help you as an English teacher.  Schools often check for this requirement so you should try to enroll in a course beforehand. Not a lot of schools require prior experience or even a university degree. There are many opportunities in the big cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Even smaller cities like Battambang or Poipet are hiring English teachers (and are more fun).

The demand for foreign teachers is very high in Cambodia. It’s even possible to get hired before you go to Cambodia.  But it is more common to just show up and apply directly to schools. It’s easy once you’re there to drop off your CV/resume. A lot of foreign teachers get hired very quickly if they are on-site already for an interview. As shown on this map of Cambodia, here are some English Language Schools for teaching opportunities.


Working as an English teacher in Cambodia is a great way to get experience, meet new people, and see another part of the world while being paid. Most teachers earn around $1,000-1,200 USD per month.  If you are an experienced teacher or have a university degree, you can maybe make up to $1,500 USD. In general, the lower-paying variety jobs are for non-degree holders.

The living costs in Cambodia are inexpensive.  Rent can be as low as $50 per month. But it usually costs around $200 monthly for rental costs. When you include utilities, food, Tuk Tuk rides, and phone fee, you may end up paying $400-500 USD per month. This means it’s possible to save a significant portion of salary.

Monthly SalaryTotal
US Dollars (USD)1,000 to 1,200 USD
Cambodia Real (Khmer Riel)4,000 to 5,000 KHR


English is the language of business, education, and innovation. Almost every country in the world has recognized the importance of learning English, making it a useful skill for finding a job and advancing your career.  TEFL certification provides you with the minimum amount of qualifications to teach English in Cambodia.

Teaching English as a second language is a rewarding opportunity for individuals who love to help others and have a passion for language, culture, and travel. Cambodia is an excellent place to find this type of work. Here are some of the TEFL providers that give the most value for what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How proficient are Cambodians at English?

English proficiency in Cambodia is on average higher than in other countries in Asia such as Thailand.

Can you work in Cambodia without a degree?

Yes, it’s possible to work in Cambodia without a degree.

Is Cambodia a safe place to teach?

Teaching English in Cambodia has many benefits, including its affordability, ease of living, pagodas, temples, and street food.  Many foreign teachers dislike the short-lived rainy season. For safety, it has a moderate level of risk with some petty and violent crimes.

What currency do they use in Cambodia?

They use American dollars (USD) and Khmer Riel (KHR).

How much money can you make teaching English in Cambodia?

Depending on the school, most teachers earn around $1,000-1,200 USD per month.  If you are an experienced teacher or have a university degree, you can make up to $1,500 USD.


  • Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world.
  • There are no McDonald’s restaurants in Cambodia.
  • Khmer is the official language of Cambodia.
  • The main form of transportation is the Tuk Tuk.
  • No one celebrates birthdays in Cambodia.
  • The Cambodian flag is the only one that has a building.
  • Tomb Raider took place in Ta Prohm.
  • Cambodia is home to 4000+ temples.
  • The US dollar is an unofficial currency.
  • Funerals are expensive and have high importance in Cambodia.

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