Adverb Quiz: Convert Adjectives to Adverbs

Last Updated: May 18, 2018

Adverb Quiz: Convert Adjectives to Adverbs

This adverb quiz tests student’s ability to convert adjectives to adverbs. For example, you can take the adjective “calm” and make it an adverb by adding “-ly”.

In an adverb sentence, you have to add a verb for which the adverb describes. For example, “the coach spoke calmly to the players”.

Because not all adverbs end with “-ly”, there are several exceptions in the English language. For example, “well”, “fast” and “hard” are adverbs without ending with “-ly”.

Adverb Quiz Answer Key

1. Angry = Angrily
2. Quick = Quickly
3. Smooth = Smoothly
4. Good = Well
5. Dangerous = Dangerously
6. Fast = Fast
7. Brave = Bravely
8. Enthusiastic = Enthusiastically
9. Suspicious = Suspiciously
10. Quiet = Quietly
11. Beautiful = Beautifully
12. Hard = Hard
13. Happy = Happily
14. Gentle = Gently
15. High = High
16. Slow = Slowly
17. Aggressive = Aggressively
18. Easy = Easily
19. Peaceful = Peacefully
20. Lively = Lively

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