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Adverb Activity: What’s True For Yourself?

Adverbs of frequency express “how often” something takes place. In other words, it explains the occurrence that an event happens.

In this adverb activity, you have to fill in the adverb of frequency that is true to yourself. For example, I always eat breakfast before I go to class.

Here are some of the most common adverbs of frequency and how often in a percent:

  • Never 0%
  • Hardly Ever 10%
  • Rarely 20%
  • Seldom 30%
  • Occasionally 40%
  • Sometimes 50%
  • Often 60%
  • Frequently 70%
  • Usually 90%
  • Always 100%

Adverbs of frequency are usually in this form for sentences: Subject + Adverb + Verb.

Adverb Sentences Answer Key

1. I ___________ eat breakfast before I go to class.
2. I ___________ go to sleep before midnight.
3. I ___________ brush my teeth twice a day.
4. I ___________ practice the violin.
5. I ___________ watch TV in the morning.
6. I ___________ go to the theater to watch movies.
7. I ___________ drive the car to school.
8. I ___________ go to the library to read books
9. I ___________ do my homework before class.
10. I ___________ play soccer on the weekend.

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