Opposite Adjectives Word Search Puzzle

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2018

In the opposite adjectives word search puzzle, students have to find the opposite word in the puzzle. For example, if the adjective word is “hot”, they will have to search for “cold” and circle it.

Like all word search puzzles, this helps kids recognize patterns, boost vocabulary and improve spelling. In addition, it’s also fun and challenging to find all the words.

Opposite Adjectives Word Search Puzzle

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Opposite Adjectives Word Search Puzzle Answers

1. Thick – Thin
2. Unfriendly – Friendly
3. Expensive – Cheap
4. Safe – Dangerous
5. Afraid – Brave
6. Awake – Asleep
7. Calm – Nervous
8. Big – Small
9. Sick – Healthy
10. Dark – Bright
11. Clean – Dirty
12. Open – Closed
13. Black – White
14. Loud – Quiet
15. Old – Young

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