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Opposites Game Board – Collect Opposite Words

This is a fun and interactive way to teach opposite words. First, print the opposites game board and bring dice to class. Next, put students into groups of 2.

Each student has to roll the dice and move forward according to the number. They write down the word on a separate piece of paper. As they go from start to finish, they have to collect as many opposites as possible.

When they reach the end of the opposites game board, they count how many pairs of opposites they have collected. Each pair is worth one point. Finally, the student with the most points wins the game.

Opposites Game Board Examples

  • Slow / Fast
  • Thick / Thin
  • Hot / Cold
  • Child / Adult
  • South / North
  • Back / Front
  • Buy / Sell
  • Night / Day
  • Good / Bad
  • Fail / Pass
  • Sad / Happy
  • Sharp / Dull
  • Begin / End
  • Odd / Even
  • Man / Woman
  • Boy / Girl
  • Dirty / Clean
  • Close / Open
  • Dark / Bright

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