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Prepositions of Movement Worksheet

In this Prepositions of Movement Worksheet, students can practice the various ways how prepositions connect with the movement of objects. For example, we use words like onto, out of, into, toward, off, over, through, away from, under, up, and down. These are prepositions of movement because they express the flow and direction of each preposition.

First, students speak for each preposition of movement. For example, what are the flow and direction? Next, students have to write a complete sentence and draw objects if needed. They will need a separate piece of paper to work on in the Prepositions of Movement Worksheet.

Prepositions of Movement Worksheet Answers

1. The object goes onto the table.
2. The object falls off the table.
3. The object goes into the box.
4. The object goes out of the box.
5. The van moves towards the stop sign.
6. The van moves away from the stop sign.
7. The man goes up the ladder.
8. The man goes down the ladder.

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