Irregular Plural Nouns Worksheet

Last Updated: May 27, 2018

Irregular Plural Nouns Worksheet

For regular plural nouns, you can simply take the noun and add -s or -es to make it plural. But for irregular plural nouns, you will have to change the vowel, word, or add a different ending than -s or -es.

For example, “men” is an irregular plural noun for “man”. Because we change the vowel from “a” to “e”, this makes it irregular.

In this irregular plural nouns worksheet, students have to convert each singular noun to plural irregular nouns. Ranging from easy to difficult, feel free to use in your classroom for free.

Irregular Plural Nouns Worksheet Answers

1. Man → Men
2. Foot → Feet
3. Tooth → Teeth
4. Mouse → Mice
5. Person → People
6. Deer → Deer
7. Child → Children
8. Woman → Women
9. Quiz → Quizzes
10. Tuna → Tuna
11. Bacterium → Bacteria
12. Crisis → Crises
13. Series → Series
14. Index → Indices
15. Fungus → Fungi
16. Cactus → Cacti
17. Axis → Axes
18. Datum → Data
19. Analysis → Analyses
20. Formula → Formulae
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