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Top 10 Adjective Worksheets to Boost Vocabulary and Description

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10 Free Adjective Worksheets

If you want adjective worksheets, we have five that are 100% free to use for teaching.

There are adjectives that describe personality, and feelings, ones that are ideal for resumes, and opposite adjectives.

We try to produce lesson plans for all these different types of adjectives.

Without further ado, here are 5 adjectives worksheets.

1. Emotions Vocabulary

Emotions Vocabulary

Our emotions always change in life. In pairs, place a pin in the center of the chart and spin it. The pin will point to a specific emotion. Have you ever felt that emotion? When would you feel this emotion in your life? Discuss with your partner.

Of all worksheets, this is the most in-depth vocabulary for emotions. Because students always need help explaining how they feel, their emotional vocabulary should significantly increase with this activity.

2. Adjectives to Describe Feelings

Emoticon Emotions Worksheet

If you teach English as a Second Language (ESL), emotions should be a common theme. This is because students have a hard time expressing themselves! In the emoticon emotions worksheet, students match emotions with emoticons.

First, students have to fill in each emoticon’s emotion. Next, check over their answers with what has been provided below. Finally, ask them how they are feeling today. Is there an emoticon that expresses their feelings today?

3. Adjectives for Resumes

Adjectives for Resumes

This worksheet goes hand-in-hand after students complete the dream job worksheet. This is because they have an idea of their future based on a list of questions.

In this job interview practice worksheet, it’s the unexpected job interview that registers at all levels. In pairs, they have to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Why would you like to have this occupation?
  • Can you describe yourself and some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are you most proud of in life?
  • Do you have any past work experience? Where have you worked before?
  • What is the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make?

4. Adjectives that Describe Me

Phone Emoticons Emotions

Kids use a ridiculous amount of emoticons in phone conversations nowadays. What do they all mean? How do you associate an emoticon to an emotion?

First, select a few emoticons. Describe how you would use each emoticon. Finally, write an example of a sentence in a written conversation using the emoticon.

5. Superlative Adjectives Crossword Puzzle

Superlative Adjectives Crossword Puzzle

When you describe “the most” of something, you are using superlative adjectives. For example, the cheetah is the fastest mammal in the animal kingdom. The word “fastest” is the largest degree of speed so this makes it a superlative adjective.

In this superlative adjectives worksheet, we practice this type of adjective. In addition, we explore the world and what is the coldest, driest, and closest for geography.

First, print off the superlative adjectives worksheet. Next, have students fill in the blanks and write their answers in the crossword puzzle. Finally, check their understanding by asking if they know of any other superlative adjectives.

6. Comparative Adjectives

Comparative Adjectives Worksheet

In this comparative adjectives worksheet, students write sentences for each image. In addition, they have to use the words in each image to create sentences.

Comparative adjectives contrast differences (bigger, faster, higher, etc) between two or several people, places, or things. For example, it usually follows this pattern of the sentence:

Noun (subject) + verb + comparative adjective + than + noun (object)

7. Opposite Adjectives Word Search Puzzle

Opposite Adjectives Word Search Puzzle

In the opposite adjectives word search puzzle, students have to find the opposite word in the puzzle. For example, if the adjective word is “hot”, they will have to search for “cold” and circle it.

Like all word search puzzles, this helps kids recognize patterns, boost vocabulary, and improve spelling. In addition, it’s also fun and challenging to find all the words.

8. Comic Book Hero Superlatives

Your Superhero Story

If you’re an artist, then it’s your time to shine. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?

For example, you could be the strongest man or woman in the world. Or, you could be the fastest. In this activity, you can practice superlatives and comparatives.

9. Opposite Adjectives – Find the Opposites

Opposite Adjective Words Find Opposites

Opposite words contrast each other. In other words, they are antonyms of each other. For example, black and white are complete opposites because they are the opposite ends of the spectrum for colors.

In this opposite adjectives worksheet, students have to find the 2 opposites in each group of 3. After they find the opposites, they have to circle them.

From start to finish, they have to find the opposites. When they have completes the opposite adjectives worksheet, instructors will have to verify they are correct.

10. Describe Your Dream Dog

Your Dream Dog

In groups of two, one student picks the dog they would want to own. The other student has to ask specific questions until they find their partner’s dog.

It’s the memory type of game, where students have to ask questions about something they are thinking of. Who wouldn’t want one of these cute dogs?

Top 10 Adjective Worksheets

Now, that you’ve got these 10 adjectives worksheets, it’s time to put them into action.

Print them off, and hand them out. It’s time to boost your students’ adjectives vocabulary and knowledge.

What do you think of these adjectives worksheets? Do you have any ideas for adjectives worksheets you’d like on this site?

Please let us know with a comment below.


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