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Adverb Sentences Worksheet – Circle the Adverb that is True

In these adverb sentences, you have to circle the adverb that is true.

For example:

During the 100-meter sprint, Usain Bolt immediately / sluggishly dashes from the starting line.

Can you identify the correct adverb to use in the sentence?

Adverb Sentences Answer Key

1. Cheetahs run quickly / slowly in the jungle.
2. Sloths climb lazily / enthusiastically up trees.
3. Mozart played the piano terribly / beautifully.
4. If students fall asleep in class, my teacher calmly / angrily asks them to wake up.
5. Students have to whisper loudly / quietly in the library.
6. When playing darts, you have to throw accurately / randomly in the middle of the dart board.
7. When you bake cookies, you have to carefully / casually follow instructions.
8. Mother lions bravely / timidly protect their babies.
9. During a driving test, you should drive aggressively / cautiously.
10. For friends, we want to resolve any arguments peacefully / violently.

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