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Daily Routines Worksheet – Present Verb Tense

What are your daily and weekly routines? Are the activities in the Daily Routines Worksheet part of your routine? In the Daily Routines Worksheet, students explore the present verb tense by thinking of what they do every day or week.

First, put students in pairs. Next, they review each of the daily routine examples in the worksheet. Using the present verb tense, they ask each other what their daily routines are?

For example, do they wash their hands every day? Can they think of other daily routines they have? How about weekly or monthly routines?

Daily Routines Worksheet – Present Verb Tense Examples

  • I wash my hands every day.
  • I sleep every day.
  • I brush my teeth every day.
  • I study every day.
  • I eat every day.
  • I walk every day.
  • I play every day.
  • I play music every week.

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