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Prepositions of Time Worksheet – “In”, “At” and “On”

We use Prepositions of Time (in, at and on) for the various aspects of time. But when do you use “in”, “at” and “on”?

In general, we use “in” before for months, years, seasons, and historical periods. In English, “at” is for specific times, places, and meals. And we use “on” for days of the week and specific dates.

In this Prepositions of Time Worksheet, we help clarify how to use each type of preposition by providing example sentences.

Prepositions of Time Answers and Examples

1) The boys start eating their lunch at 12:00.
2) It snows all the time in December.
3) They practice soccer on Saturday.
4) Sir Isaac Newton was born in the 17th century.
5) At breakfast, she drinks coffee with only sugar.
6) In the middle ages, armies used swords
7) She had the job interview on the 2nd of June.
8) The boys always have fun at festivals.
9) She goes to dance class on Wednesdays.
10) They got married in August.
11) They had a baby in 2016.
12) The surgery occurred on January 3, 2018.
13) On Saturday, we usually go to the park.
14) The children start school at 8 o’clock.
15) The birds fly south in winter.

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