10 Halloween Coloring Sheets: Free and Print-Ready

halloween coloring sheets
Last Updated: May 25, 2018

10 Halloween Coloring Worksheets

These Halloween coloring worksheets helps motor skills, stimulates creativity and builds focus and dexterity.

Among the numerous benefits of coloring, these Halloween coloring sheets are tons of fun and introduces the topic of Halloween.

In this list of Halloween coloring sheets, we have 10 spooky people, places and things.

Just like our list of spooky Halloween worksheets, they are all free to use for any purpose and ready to print for your classroom.

1 Tombstone Coloring Page

Tombstones belong in graveyards and are where the dead rest. But on Halloween when the dead rise, they rise from tombstones like in this Halloween coloring page.

Tombstone Coloring Sheet

2 Ghost Coloring Sheet

Speaking about the dead, ghosts are spirits of past lives. Instead of as zombies, the dead can rise as ghosts like you see in some of these Halloween coloring worksheets.

Ghost Coloring Sheet

3 Pumpkin Coloring Worksheet

On Halloween, people carve pumpkins with frightening face to scared away ghosts and goblins. To this day, we still follow the tradition.

Pumpkin Coloring Sheet

4 Halloween Landscape

In this Halloween landscape, you see bats flying around. And you’ll see other Halloween coloring worksheets, bats and vampires go hand-in-hand.

Halloween Landscape Coloring Sheet

5 Vampire Coloring Page

Vampires only go out at night and drink blood from the necks of living humans. As seen in other Halloween coloring sheets, vampires can transform into bats making them stealthy in the sky.

Vampire Coloring Sheet

6 Owl Coloring Worksheet

The cooing owl is the nightcrawler of the Halloween bunch. And we’re not talking about the Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Halloween Owl Coloring Sheet

7 Witch Hat Coloring Page

One of the key features of witches are their long noses and pointy hats. In this Halloween coloring activity, learners color a witches hat.

Witch Hat Coloring Sheet

8 Witch’s Cauldron

When a witch brews potions to cast spells, they use a cauldron like you see below.

Cauldron Coloring Sheet

9 Haunted House Coloring

On Halloween, a haunted house can be a scary place to live or stay the night.

Haunted House Coloring Sheet

10 Scary Cat Coloring Sheet

The scary, black cat is a Halloween classic just like the bat, werewolf and frog. Just kidding about the frog, they’re not scary at all.

Scary Cat Coloring Sheet

What’s Next?

From pumpkins to ghosts, we have provided you with 10 Halloween coloring worksheets.

They are free to use for any purpose, especially in a classroom or daycare type of setting.

If you need any more resources, we have coloring worksheets for Christmas and more to come.

If you want to see anything more, let us know with a comment below.

All of our worksheets are free to use for any purpose and ready to print for your classroom.

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