10 Car Coloring Sheets: Sports, Muscle, Racing Cars and More

car coloring sheets
Last Updated: May 26, 2018

10 Car Coloring Sheets

Sports cars, muscle cars, racing cars… everything from simple to cool cars.

If you need car coloring pages, here are 10 of the best car coloring sheets available.

For adults and kids, coloring is a relaxing activity for all ages.

Simply, download, print and color. Like all our worksheets, they are free to use and fun for kids.

1 Car Coloring Page

In this simple car scene, kids have to color within the lines. In this neighborhood scene, there is a house, road and car for coloring.

Cars Coloring Sheet

2 Volkswagen Beetle Coloring

It’s the classic Volkswagen Beetle care coloring page. Once popular, and now brought back to life. Kids can color the Beetle any color they wish, even pink.

Cars Coloring Sheet

3 Porsche 356 Speedster

Back in the 1950s, the Porsche 356 was Porsche’s first production automobile. Usually, it deserves a solid red color. But kids can color it anything they want.

Cars Coloring Sheet

4 Ferrari 275 Coloring

The Ferrari 275 was produced in the 1960s era of cars. This cars coloring sheet allows kids to color all sides of it – front, rear and top-down.

Cars Coloring Sheet

5 The Citroën 2CV

The Citroën 2CV was introduced in the late 1940s from a French manufacturing company. In addition, it brought a front engine and front-wheel drive.

Cars Coloring Sheet

6 Sports Car Coloring Page

This is the classic sports car coloring sheet that all boys want to color. It’s cool, sharp and doesn’t have a roof (convertible).

Cars Coloring Sheet

7 Cool Car Coloring

Another cool car coloring sheet with big wheels. Again, kids can color this car anything in they want but I think it deserves a hot pink.

Cars Coloring Sheet

8 Race Track Cars

In this race track scene, one car attempts to pass the other. One has black racing stripes and the other doesn’t. Don’t forget to color the race track too.

Race cars coloring page

9 Car Coloring Page

This is just a basic old-style car that kids can color. If your kids admire the simple things in life, then you can print this one off for them for a coloring activity.

Cars Coloring Sheet

10 Simple Car Coloring

Like the other simple car coloring pages in this list, the windows have dots already. In this car coloring sheet, the lines are little thicker and easier to see.

Cars Coloring Sheet

10 Car Coloring Sheets

We hope that you enjoy using these car coloring pages for whatever your project is.

Kids love to color because it helps reduce anxiety and focus on the task at hand.

So print them off and pull out your box of crayons.

Because you have some work to do 🙂

All of our worksheets are free to use for any purpose and ready to print for your classroom.

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