Jingle Bells for Kids Worksheet: Re-order the Song Lyrics Activity

Jingle Bells for Kids Worksheet

Jingle Bells for Kids Song Order

What would Christmas be without the classic Christmas song “Jingle Bells”? As students listen to “Jingle Bells”, they have to put the sentences in the correct order.

In the Jingle Bells for Kids worksheet, it’s a good way to improve listening skills. Students have to listen keenly and write a number from 1 to 8 as the order of the song.

Finally, review as a class and check their listening comprehension.

Jingle Bells for Kids Worksheet

7. What fun it is to laugh and sing
4. Laughing all the way
2. On a one-horse open sleigh
5. Bells on bob-tail ring,
3. Over the fields we go,
1. Dashing through the snow
6. making spirits bright
8. A sleighing song tonight

3. Oh, what fun it is to ride
1. Jingle bells, jingle bells
4. In a one-horse open sleigh
2. Jingle all the way

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