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TEFL Thailand – 3 Ways To Get an English Teaching Job

TEFL Thailand

3 Ways To Get an English Teaching Job in Thailand

Although Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to teach English as a foreign language, it’s not always easy to get there and start teaching.

If you’re interested in teaching English in Thailand, here are some of the most common ways to English teaching jobs in Thailand:

  • Job Support from a TEFL Provider
  • TEFL Internships
  • Networking and Connections

Today, we’ll take a closer look at each of these opportunities for teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand (TEFL Thailand).

Job Support from a TEFL Provider

A TEFL certificate is the standard English teaching certificate that trains you to deliver effective English lessons to foreign students. But a lesser-known fact is that many TEFL providers offer lifetime job support for countries like Thailand for their graduates.

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Many of these providers have contacts with Thai schools and other organizations in Thailand that are looking to hire English teachers, and can provide guidance and support throughout the job application process.

Not only do you gain the right qualifications with a TEFL certificate, but you also get an English teaching job in Thailand when you’re finished. No matter where you want to teach and travel, a TEFL provider has the right contacts to get you there. Here are the TEFL courses we like for their job support.

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TEFL Paid Internships

This option is similar but different. Instead of taking a TEFL course in your home country, a paid TEFL internship means you’ll complete the TEFL program in another country.

The biggest benefits of doing a TEFL internship in Thailand include:

  • Getting to experience the country and its culture firsthand
  • Gaining valuable teaching experience in front of a classroom
  • Experience the country through travel and having the opportunity to learn Thai

Almost everyone overlooks paid TEFL internships but you shouldn’t. This is because they can save you all the hassle of setting up a visa, accommodation, and more.

But the main advantage is that you earn a normal salary that helps cover living expenses. This way, you can focus on your TEFL internship and not worry about how you’re going to make ends meet.

Networking and job connections 

The most common way to get an English teaching job in Thailand is through networking and making connections. Overall, it’s not that difficult to find jobs through online job boards and teaching recruitment agencies.

In addition to online job boards, there are also government and volunteering options including the programs below.

No matter which English teaching job in Thailand you pick, be sure to do your research. Ask plenty of questions before committing to any type of job in Thailand so that you know what to expect and can be sure that it’s the right decision for you.

How much can you make teaching English in Thailand?

Teaching English in Thailand provides an excellent opportunity to live in a beautiful country while making a steady income.

The average monthly salary for an English teacher in Thailand is between 25,000 to 40,000 Thai Baht, or around $650 to $1,300. Bangkok has the highest-paying jobs, while the South and East of Thailand pay the lowest.

The cost of living in Thailand is low, so your salary will go a long way. You will have enough money to travel, eat well, and save money.

What’s the job market like for English Teachers in Thailand?

The job market for English teachers in Thailand is good, but it is also very competitive. There are a lot of people who want to work as English teachers in Thailand.

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You will find more opportunities in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but there are also jobs in the southern provinces. You will find more English teaching jobs in Thailand during the high season, but it’s possible to find opportunities throughout the year.

Schools hire English teachers all year round, but the demand for teachers is higher during the high season. You can also find jobs during the low season, but the competition is higher, and you might have to find a job in a smaller city.

Things to Know about Teaching ESL in Thailand

Here are some of the key facts you have to know about teaching ESL in Thailand before you go:

  • Variety of Jobs – You can choose from a wide range of avenues where you can find a job, such as language institutes, universities, government offices, and private companies.
  • Education System – The education system in Thailand is different from the education system in your home country. You need to know what the system is like and how you can navigate it successfully.
  • It’s Hard Work – You’ll likely work much harder than in other countries where you can teach English. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to successfully implement lesson plans and ESL communication.
  • Large Class Sizes – Thai students are typically very respectful of their teachers and are eager to learn but class sizes in Thailand can be large.

TEFL Thailand

While these options for teaching English in Thailand can be an excellent way to gain experience and learn more about teaching English as a foreign language, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for the challenges that come with living and working in a foreign country.

If you have a TEFL certificate or a TESOL certificate, it’s easier for you to find a job in Thailand. The best places to look for jobs are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and the southern provinces.

Finally, you can also get a paid TEFL internship in Thailand. Keep in mind that you need to follow the education system in Thailand, and you need to have enough money to survive for a few months.

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