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Free Talking Topics Worksheet

If you’re struggling to energize your classroom with discussion and debate, these free-talking topics have been tested to keep them engaged.

Print them off. Cut them up. Put it in a hat. Select a topic at random and let your students talk in pairs or in a classroom.

Depending on the class, the free talking topics worksheet can keep things fresh. And this is a fantastic filler for the end of a lesson or even start one.

Free Talking Topics Worksheet

  • High schools (Do you have school uniforms? Do students drive to school in high school? Can students drink water in class?)
  • Work ethic (How long are typical work hours? Do students work after graduating?)
  • School clubs (What unique school clubs are there? Which club are you in? Why did you choose that club?)
  • Food and health (What is a typical meal? How healthy is it? Are gyms becoming more popular?)
  • Work dinner parties (Do wives and husbands attend work parties?)
  • Jobs (What jobs exist? Is it easy to get a job after graduation? Is it easy to find a job now?)
  • Pop culture (Who are pop culture icons in your home country?)
  • Video games (Do you play video games? What types of video games are popular?)
  • Parenting and punishment (What kind of punishment have you received at school or home? Do you believe in physical punishment?)
  • Restaurant tips (Are tips at restaurants common? How much is a reasonable tip?)
  • Holidays (What is your favorite holiday? What type of food do you eat on specific holidays?)
  • Gestures (What are some unique gestures (thumbs up, middle finger, etc) in your country?
  • Gift exchange (When you travel, is it common to exchange gifts? How about Christmas or any other holidays?)
  • Living with parents (How old do kids live with their parents?)
  • Greetings (How do you greet in your country? Do you bow or do handshakes?)
  • Safety and crime (Do you think your neighborhood is safe? What kind of crimes happen in your area?)
  • Punctuality (How often are friends late? How about buses and trains? Is it rude to be late?)
  • Sports (How do sports players show respect after a game? Are there any unique sports in your country?)
  • Multiculturalism (Is your country multicultural? Is multiculturalism a good thing?)
  • Gender discrimination (Do women and men make the same amount of money for doing the same job? Is there much gender discrimination in your home country?)

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