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Talking Time Bomb: Vocabulary Brainstorming Countdown

One of the best parts about “Pass the Ball” is that you need practically no preparation time at all. Also, you can practice anything from rhyming to vocabulary to types of things.

First, the teacher comes up with a topic or idea. In the worksheet below, there are some ideas but they can be anything. Next, the teacher starts the music, and students have to think of as many words as they can for that topic.

Someone starts with a ball. When they come up with a word, they pass the ball to another student. This process continues but they can’t repeat something that has already been said.

When the music stops, whoever is holding the ball loses. And the punishment can be anything. For example, they must speak for one minute about a topic the teacher gives them.

This activity was previously called “Talking Timebomb” because you used a timer. Whoever was left with the ball at the end of the music lost the game.

Pass the Ball Vocabulary Ideas

  • Words that start with the letters “th”
  • Types of vegetables
  • Countries in the world
  • Words that rhyme with “key”
  • Types of sports
  • English movies
  • Words that end with “th”

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