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7 Fun Worksheets with Celebrities, Politicians and Historical Figures

fun worksheets featuring famous people

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In these 7 fun worksheets, you can walk in the shoes of a famous person for just a day.

Because today, we pull back the curtain and reveal some of our best activities.

Have you ever dreamed of being famous? How about matching historic politicians?

Like all our printable worksheets, you can use them for free without asking permission (for educational purposes).

1. Famous Politicians

Famous Politicians Worksheet

Over the years, there have been some major historical politicians who have impacted the way we think and conduct ourselves as a society. In the “famous politicians” worksheet and matching game, we talk about these historical figures.

First, students have to read 8 famous politicians and the brief description on the right. Next, they have to match the leader’s name with the description. After they have correctly identified each leader, they have to match each image with the leader’s name.

Finally, students can talk about famous politicians in their home country. Who are the historical figures? What makes a great leader?

2. Historical Birthdays

Birthday Match Famous People

Place these cards around the room and have your students remember the birthday and person. They have to race to match all famous birthdays with the correct person.

For these types of social studies worksheets, students get familiar with the concept of time. In addition, they learn how famous people and inventors relate to history.

3. Timeless Timelines

Timeless Timelines - History Timelines for Kids

Starting with famous people, students arrange the timeline according to their birth date and the invention year. From youngest to oldest, the teacher will go through the correct order in the history timelines for kids.

The teacher then helps everyone by giving the correct answers. Further to this, who else belongs on the list? What other inventions are important enough that they should be added? Or what are future inventions you want to see on this list in the future?

4. Famous Foreheads

Famous Foreheads

In this activity, all players sit in a circle. Give each student a post-it note and a pencil. Each player writes down the name of a famous person and passes the note face down to the player on the left.

Each player sticks the note on his/her forehead and everyone takes turns asking “Yes” or “No” questions to find out who they are. (Hence the title of the game “Famous Foreheads”)

The first player to guess the name on his forehead is the winner. But encourage students to keep on asking questions until they find out the famous person on their forehead.

5. No Subtitles

No Subtitles Voice Over Actors

Have you ever watched a movie with no volume and pretended to be them? How about in another language? Let me tell you: It can be quite a challenge keeping up with flapping lips.

First, turn any English movie on mute with no subtitles. In groups of two, have your students re-enact the voices like voice-over actors.

The purpose of this speaking activity is to get them to speak in English. Anything! Right or wrong, who cares! As long as they say something. As you play the video, watch them practice everything they’ve learned in your class. If not, they aren’t trying hard enough.

6. Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity Interview Questions and Answers

Put yourself in the shoes of a celebrity for a day. And answer the interview questions as if you are a male or female celebrity.

  • What advice do you have for kids who want to be actors/actresses?
  • How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
  • Are you planning to be in any other movies?

7. Green Screen: Classroom Movie

Green Screen Classroom Movie

It’s amazing what a green screen can do in an English class or club. I brought one into class. All of a sudden, students were making up their own English movie ideas. And the ideas were pretty awesome – one took place at the Eiffel Tower!

When students start taking control of their own fate, their own English improves 10 fold. This lesson has the potential to do that.

From your typical everyday students to Hollywood movie stars. And it’s all because you came prepared with a green screen.

Fun Worksheets and Activities

We have provided 7 fun worksheets that involve celebrities, politicians, and major historical figures.

Like all our printable worksheets, you can use them for free without asking permission (for educational purpose)

Do you have any fun worksheets that keep your students entertained and active?

Please let us know with a comment below.


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