Simon Says Ideas: How to Play Simon Says

Last Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Simon Says Ideas: How to Play Simon Says

Only when the teacher says “Simon Says”, students can complete the action. For example, if you only say “Touch your nose”, students should do nothing.

But if you say “Simon says touch your nose”, students should actually touch their nose. This is how to play Simon Says.

If you’re looking for Simon Says ideas, we have provided a worksheet below that you can use. For example, students can touch their nose, jump up and down and run in a circle.

Simon Says Ideas

  • Touch your nose
  • Jump up and down
  • Run in a circle
  • Go to sleep
  • Close your eyes
  • Dance
  • Hug the teacher
All of our worksheets are free to use for any purpose and ready to print for your classroom.

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