What’s the Question? How to Make Questions

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

What’s the Question?

For each topic in the worksheet, students learn how to make questions. But each question has to specific for that topic with a single answer.

First, put students into pairs. Next, have them create questions for each topic. Finally, the teacher can review potential questions for each word in the activity sheet.

What’s the Question? How to Make Questions

December 25 – When is Christmas?
Las Vegas – What is the biggest gambling city in Nevada?
January 1 – When is the first day of the year?
Five – What is 3 + 2?
Seoul – What is the capital of Seoul?
Einstein – What is the famous equation that Einstein created for mass and energy?
Microsoft – Which company was Bill Gates the founder of?
Apple – What is believed to fall on Sir Isaac Newton’s head when he theorized gravity?
Circle – What is the shape of the letter “O”?

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