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Capital Cities Quiz and Crossword Puzzle

Solve the capital cities crossword puzzle by entering the country’s capital. For vertical entries, answers go in the up-down direction. And for horizontal entries, answers go left and right.

Instead of a boring capitals quiz, this capital cities crossword puzzle helps you learn geography in an interesting way.

Because you fill out each box in the crossword puzzle, you get hints for each country’s capital. Overall, this helps you complete the capital cities quiz and a crossword puzzle.

Capital Cities Quiz Answer Key

1. Russia’s capital is Moscow.
2. Peru’s capital is Lima.
3. South Korea’s capital is Seoul.
6. United States’ capital is Washington.
8. England’s capital is London.
9. Italy’s capital is Rome.

1. Philippines’ capital is Manila.
4. France’s capital is Paris.
5. Japan’s capital is Tokyo.
7. Australia’s capital is Canberra.
9. Canada’s capital is Ottawa.
11. Norway’s capital is Oslo.

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