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Animal, Science and World Superlatives Quiz: World Record Holders

This superlatives quiz challenges students’ knowledge and skill of animals, world, and science superlatives. Unlike your typical quiz where you answer questions, students have to create superlative questions.

For example, “World Superlatives” for 100$ is Mount Everest. When students see Mount Everest, they have to think of a question that uses a superlative to uniquely describe it. In this case, the correct question is “What is the tallest mountain in the world?”

First, create teams of 3 or 4 students. Next, pick a category and a money amount. If you scroll further below this worksheet, there are examples of questions and answers. The first team that raises their hands can create a question.

If they create a question correctly, they earn that amount of money. But if they get it wrong, they lose that amount of money. Finally, the team with the most money at the end wins the game.

Animal, Science and World Superlatives Quiz

100$ – Cheetah (What is the fastest animal)
200$ – Giraffe (What animal has the longest neck?)
300$ – Turtle (What animal lives to be the oldest?)
400$ – Elephant (What is the heaviest animal on land?)
500$ – Whale (What is the largest animal in the ocean?)

100$ – Mount Everest (What is the tallest mountain in the world?)
200$ – Antarctica (What is the coldest continent in the world?)
300$ – China (What country is the most populated?)
400$ – Dead Sea (What is the lowest place on Earth?)
500$ – Qatar (What is the richest country per capita in the world?)

100$ – Jupiter (What is the largest planet in our solar system?)
200$ – Arctic Ocean (What is the world’s smallest ocean?)
300$ – Pluto (What planet is the farthest away from the sun?)
400$ – Mercury (What is the closest planet to the sun?)
500$ – Hydrogen (What is the lightest element on the periodic scale?)

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