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Asking for Directions: Lost in Wichita, Kansas (Free Worksheet)

When you’re traveling and you need to get somewhere, you will probably have to ask for directions on how to get there. That means that you’ll have to listen carefully and follow directions as instructed.

On this map, you’re lost in Wichita Kansas. And you have a chance to practice turning left and right as well as moving forward and backward. For traveling, this is an incredibly useful skill to get familiar with.

First, put students into pairs. Next, they will have to ask each other how to get to the destinations on the map.

Example of Asking for Directions

Q: How do you go from the hotel to the supermarket?

A: First, go straight down 21st street.
Next, turn right on Broadway.
Go straight for 7 blocks.
It’s at the corner of Pawnee and Broadway

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