WH- Questions Worksheets: 7 Activities with Who, What, When, Where and Why Questions

wh- questions worksheets
Last Updated: May 20, 2018

WH- Questions Worksheets: Who, What, When, Where and Why Questions

Who, what, when, where and why. We all know that you ask questions with WH- questions… But how do you teach it?

That’s why we’ve created 7 worksheets that helps practice who, what, when, where and why questions.

From best to worst, we’ve ranked our WH- questions worksheets based on user feedback.

Like all our activities, they are free to download and are 100% free to use. Enjoy.

1 What Questions Worksheet: Reverse Jeopardy

Reverse Quiz Show- Quiz Questions

Instead of answering questions like in a quiz show, students are making the questions. Each card has a word with a point value. Similar to Jeopardy, you create 5 categories. Each category has 5 questions with harder cards as a higher point value.

In groups of 4, students pick the category and point value. After flipping over the card, the fastest group to raise their hands make a question. Give a countdown for how fast they have to respond. Don’t be afraid to give negative points if they are too slow to respond or make an incorrect question.

Students get quite competitive when you tally points. And this is a good thing.

2 Where Questions Worksheet: Household Items

Where Questions Household Items

In groups of two, students have to go back and forth asking each other “where” questions. According to household items, they have to identify where the items are located.

If you want to practice “WH-” type of questions and household items, the Where Questions Worksheet is ideal.

3 When Questions Worksheet: Timeless Timelines

Timeless Timelines - History Timelines for Kids

Starting with famous people, students arrange the timeline according to their birth date and the invention year. From youngest to oldest, the teacher will go through the correct order in the history timelines for kids.

The teacher then helps everyone by giving the correct answers. Further to this, who else belongs in the list? What other inventions are important enough they should be added? Or what are future inventions you want to see on this list in the future?

There is a lot of discussion topics that can come out of the “History Timelines For Kids” activity.

4 Who Questions Worksheet: Famous Birthdays

Birthday Match Famous People

Place these cards around the room and have your students remember the birthday and person. They have to race to match all famous birthdays with the correct person.

For these types of social studies worksheets, students get familiar with the concept of time. In addition, they learn how famous people and inventors relate to history by asking “Who was born” on a date.

5 Talktastic Board Game

Talktastic Boardgame

This free-talking board game requires a game board and dice to play. But with a bit of preparation, students will be asking each other questions and answering in no time.

First, the teacher makes groups of two. Next, students roll the dice and move their game pieces. When they land on a square, they’ll ask their partner the question in the box. Accordingly, their partner responds until they go around the entire game board.

Even if you have rules to only speak in English in class, this activity is one of those times you should enforce this. Overall, the Talktastic Board Game lasts for a good 15 minutes and is a lot of fun for students.

6 Dice Questions Game

Dice Questions Game

The dice questions game/activity requires a big and small dice and this activity sheet. First, put your students in pairs.

Next, provide a dice for each group of students. Each number on the small dice corresponds to a type of question – who, what, when, where, why and have you ever. The big dice is worth a point value.

Students roll the dice. When the student asks a successful question, they earn that value of points. Keep track of points in hopes this gets them talking.

7 World Monuments: Where in the World?

World Monuments Quiz

In this World Monuments Quiz, students have to connect the dot for each historical world monument and the country outline. After this activity, can you recognize the monument and country outline?

In addition, students have to guess where each monument is located in the world? For example, they can practice asking “where” question in groups of two.

WH- Questions Worksheets: Who, What, When, Where and Why Questions

Now that you’ve got 7 WH- question worksheets to teach with, it’s time to put these concepts to action.

Best of all, students love them because they’re fun and educational.

Do you have any favorite WH- question worksheets?

Please let us know with a comment below.

All of our worksheets are free to use for any purpose and ready to print for your classroom.

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