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Rhyming Word Search Puzzle: Find the Rhyme Words

One of the tougher rhyming worksheets is where students have to find rhyming words in the puzzle. We have underlined the rhyming syllable to help find the rhyme word in the word search puzzle.

For example, the “tomorrow” rhymes with “sorrow”. Instead of finding “tomorrow”, you have to find the word “sorrow” in the rhyming worksheet.

Actually, it’s a nice and refreshing twist to your traditional word find puzzle. Not only do you have to think of the rhyming word, but you have to find it!

Rhyming Word Search Puzzle Answers

1. Tomorrow / Sorrow
2. Death / Breath
3. Back / Track
4. Desire / Fire
5. Alive / Survive
6. Understand / Hand
7. Glory / Story
8. Dance / Chance
9. Honey / Money
10. Mind / Behind
11. Wrong / Strong
12. Strange / Change
13. Reason / Season
14. Tight / Night
15. Ground / Found

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