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Minimal Pairs ESL Cards: Grab the Correct Card

These minimal pairs ESL cards are a printable activity that practices pairs of words. For example, “thick” and “sick” only has one phonological element that is different.

Beforehand, the teacher has to print and cut out these cards and have them spread out on the desk for each pair. When the teacher says the minimal pair word, students have to grab the correct word the fastest.

Students love competing with these minimal pairs ESL cards, especially with their classmates. You’ll not only challenge their listening skills, but they’ll have fun doing it.

Minimal Pairs Vocabulary and Example Cards

  • Thick/Sick
  • Birthday/Bath day
  • Math/Mass
  • Mouth/Mouse
  • Arrive/Alive
  • Light/Right
  • Grow/Glow
  • Lice/Rice
  • Bent/Vent
  • Fan/Van
  • Vine/Fine
  • Save/Safe

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