Picture Rhymes Worksheet: What is the Rhyming Word in Each Picture?

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Picture Rhymes Worksheet

If you’re practicing to listen and speak in English, then we all know how important vocabulary and pronunciation can be.

Whether you focus on syllable segmentation or mouth anatomy, this list of rhyming worksheets can help put the concepts into practice.

For most, this is one of the funnest rhyming worksheets. Not only does it helps students practice pronunciation, but they also learn to rhyme. For the picture rhymes worksheet, each picture is a rhyme. What is it?

Picture Rhymes Worksheet Answers

1. Fat cat
2. Right light
3. Owl Towel
4. Plug bug
5. Fish dish
6. Small ball
7. Brain plane
8. Ax tracks
9. Dark shark
10. Tie fly
11. Barn yarn
12. Shakespeare ear

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