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Pronunciation Game: Minimal Pairs Pyramid Activity and Listening Quiz

Minimal Pairs are words that sound similar but one phonological element is different in the two words. For example, glamour and grammar sound extremely similar. But they are different with the /r/ and /l/ sounds.

In the pronunciation game, students have to keep a keen ear on what they hear. For example, we use minimal pairs which are similar sounding words with one different phonological element.

First, they start at the top of the pyramid. Next, the teacher says the word, and students have to circle it. Meanwhile, this process continues until everyone reaches the bottom. Finally, there’s only one spot where everyone should finish.

As the teacher, you have to keep track of where the final landing spot should be. Check your students’ understanding. Finally, review the minimal pairs by practicing each sound in an entire classroom.

Pronunciation Game: Minimal Pairs Examples

  • Grammar / Glamour
  • Fender / Vendor
  • Sick / Thick
  • Rock / Lock
  • Breath / Breeze
  • Royal / Loyal
  • Mouth / Mouse
  • Fast / Vast

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    Audio files would be nice, but I hope my suggestion might be of assistance.

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