Rhyme Time Activity Sheet: Rhymes List Brainstorming

Rhyme Time Activity Sheet

Rhyme Time Brain Storming

First, put your students into groups. Next, hand out the Rhyme Time activity sheet. Now, bring our your stop watch and get your students to think of as many rhymes as possible for each group. Finally, the group with the most rhymes wins.

Your students are poets and they don’t even know it. Review the rhymes and have a classroom discussion on rhymes. For example, when do you hear rhymes? How about in songs poems?

Rhymes List Example Answers

bee, fee, flea, flee, glee, key, prix, sea, see, she, tea, tee, three, tree, degree, pony
bat, chat, fat, flat, hat, mat, pat, rat, spat, splat, stat, that, combat, format, wombat
bay, clay, day, gay, gray, hay, lay, may, neigh, pay, play, ray, say, sleigh, spray, stray, they, way, delay, buffet, ashtray
boast, coast, ghost, host, post, roast, toast, almost, cohost, outpost, overdose

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