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Job Title Definitions Worksheet: Match the Occupation with the Definition

In this job title definitions activity, students get familiar with the types of jobs that are available. From farming to financial, they match the job title with the definitions.

After students finish the first part of the worksheet, can they think of other job titles? In addition, can they create a definition for the jobs they brainstorm?

For this job activity, we provide answers below for all the matching job titles and definitions.

Job Title Definitions Worksheet – Occupations Answers

1. l) Butcher – Someone who cuts meat.
2. f) Waiter/Waitress – Someone who brings out food at a restaurant.
3. c) Doctor – Someone who helps sick patients.
4. h) Pilot – Someone who flies airplanes.
5. g) Flight Attendant – Someone who helps passengers on an airplane.
6. q) Dentist – Someone who specializes in teeth.
7. p) Accountant – Someone who prepares financial information for a company.
8. j) Teacher – Someone who educates students
9. a) Mechanic – Someone who fixes cars
10. m) Farmer – Someone who harvests crops outdoors.
11. i) Veterinarian -Someone who helps sick animals.
12. b) Firefighter – Someone who puts out fires.
13. d) Police Officer – Someone who catches criminals.
14. n) Secretary – Someone who answers calls, makes appointments, and maintains paperwork.
15. k) Astronaut – Someone who explores outer space.
16. e) Chef – Someone who cooks food.
17. o) Actor – Someone who performs in movies.

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