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Comparatives Adjectives Story – Brother Rivalry

This comparatives adjectives story is about brother rivalry. It’s about two boys that love to compete with each other. One boy is older, taller and no matter how hard his brother tries, he’s always the best. Until they eat their dinner…

In this comparatives adjectives story, students have to fill in the blanks with the words at the bottom of the story. Which comparative adjective should go into each blank?

After students finish the story, they can practice reading it aloud. Can they think of their own comparative adjectives story for other sports? For example, long jumpers try to jump farther than their opponent.

Comparatives Adjectives Story – Brother Rivalry

Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Ed and Ted who always competed against each other. No matter how hard Ted tried, Ed always did everything better.

See, Ed was 1 year older than his brother Ted. And when they measured their heights, Ed was always one foot taller than his brother.

They loved kicking the soccer ball, but no matter how hard Ted tried, Ed always kicked the ball farther than his brother Ted. When they played basketball too, Ed always jumped higher than his brother too. Finally, when they ran to the finish line, Ed was always a couple of seconds faster than Ted.

Ted was going to give up on being the best because his brother was always better than everything he did.

Ed and Ted were both exhausted. Their mom called them back into the house for dinner. They sat down at the table but it was Ted who was hungrier than his brother because he ate his whole meal.

At that point, both boys realized that you can’t be better at everything than your brother in life.

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