Adjectives to Describe Feelings: Emoticon Emotions

Adjectives to Describe Feelings

Adjectives to Describe Feelings - Emoticon Emotions Worksheet

If you teach English as a Second Language (ESL), emotions should be a common theme. This is because students have a hard time expressing themselves!

In the emoticon emotions worksheet, students match emotions with emoticons. First, students have to fill in each emoticon’s emotion. Next, check over their answers with what has been provided below.

Finally, ask them how they are feeling today. Is there an emoticon that expresses their feelings today? What are some other adjectives to describe feelings?

Emoticon Emotions Answers

1. Angry
2. Happy
3. Upset
4. Annoyed
5. Puzzled
6. Sleepy
7. Amazed
8. Sincere
9. Silly

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