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Your First Class Abroad: How to Set Rules, Goals and Discipline

Let’s be honest. Your first class is not what you’ll expect.

Your students will be shy. They’ll be uncomfortable. And they probably don’t want to be there.

Or who knows? Maybe, they’ll give you a hard time and act up the entire class. Both are real possibilities.

Our advice: You’re wise to keep things simple. Keep a positive atmosphere in your first class. And make them feel comfortable using the Rassias method.

It’s your chance to help your students feel relaxed in learning English. Tell your students what you expect from them throughout the year. Establish rules for your class like “mistakes are ok”, “listen and be quiet” and “ask questions any time”.

Your students are listening and attentive. It’s the best time to establish discipline in the classroom. For example, “no sleeping in class” is a good one. Because it’s their first class with you, it’s also not a bad idea to translate this for your students in their native language.

They have no excuse for not understanding your rules in the classroom. There’s nothing wrong with starting off simple because your students will thank you for it. As your students progress, you can modify and even add new phrases to your students’ memory.


The goal of this class is to help you feel comfortable and improve your English speaking skills. Communication is most important in this class. Although grammar is important, it’s most important that you try to communicate your idea. Use gestures or sound effects to help express your ideas.

The 3 Golden Rules

1. Mistakes are OK. Please make mistakes.
2. Listen and be quiet when other people speak.
3. Ask questions any time.


1. Please no sleeping in English class.
2. Do not do other class homework in English class. You can do this at home or during breaks.

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