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School Rules Poster for Elementary School Students

When you just start teaching your first class, this is the ideal time to establish school rules. Because a lot of students are not familiar with classroom discipline, a school rules structure is exactly what they need.

For example, if a student is not being respectful towards others, we can reference the second rule in this list of rules. And if kids are making a mess in class, then we can reference the fourth rule in this list. Throughout the year, teachers must remind and continue to reinforce the list of school rules.

Because unless you put it into practice, it will be all for nothing. In addition, there is also a physical element to being an authority figure. Body language and tone of voice are the biggest indicators of confidence and seriousness.

Ideally, this is for kindergarten, elementary and early learners. In this case, it would be ideal to have a poster hanging up in your classroom with rules that you always should reference. All teachers know that a good set of school rules is the tool you need to be the authority figure in the class. Because if there weren’t any school rules, how would they know how to behave in class?

So how do you deal with discipline and behavior in a large classroom full of kids even if you’re not a natural disciplinarian? You make a good set of classroom rules and stick to them.

Classroom Rules Poster for Elementary Schools

  1. We always say please and thank you
  2. Be nice to other people
  3. We listen to everything the teacher says
  4. Try to help keep our classroom clean
  5. We study and play safely

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