Let Me Introduce Myself: Self Introduction and Exchange

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Let Me Introduce Myself (Self Introduction)

How many times have you introduced yourself in your lifetime? For example, you introduce yourself to friends, in business meetings and during round tables. By now, you should be pretty good at your self introduction.

In business culture, new contacts often exchange their company information, phone number or email address. They do this by exchanging a handy business card.

Using the business card template, ask your students to fill these out. In the next class, they can practice self introduction by walking around the classroom and greet fellow students.

Not only does this help students, but you get to put a name to each student’s face. And if they don’t have a photo, just have them draw a picture of themselves.

Let Me Introduce Myself Example

Use the template as an example for your personal business card.

  • What’s your name? My name is John.
  • Where are you from? I am from the United States.
  • What’s your phone number? My phone number is XXX-XXXX
  • When’s your birthday? My birthday is January 4th, 1980.
  • What are your hobbies? I like to play soccer, read books and watch movies.
  • What’s your favorite sport? My favorite sport is soccer.

Fill out the business card below and cut it out. Practice introductions with your friends in class by walking around and asking questions about items on their business card.

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