Hometown Newspaper Activity: What’s Different in Other Newspapers?

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Hometown Newspaper Activity

A genuine newspaper from your hometown? If you teach English abroad, your students find it fascinating.

In this Hometown Newspaper activity, you first remove all the headlines. With only the articles, students have to match the headline with the article.

In the next part of this newspaper activity, it’s question and answer time. How’s the weather? What sports are popular? What made the front page? Write it down. Talk about it.

What’s different about it? For example, my students were surprised to see pictures in colors for my hometown newspaper.

Hometown Newspaper Questions and Examples

• What is the name of the newspaper?
• What is the date of the newspaper?

• How’s the weather on that day?
• How will the weather be on the next day?

• Which sports are popular?
• What page is the sports page?

• How many sections are there in the newspaper?
• How many advertisements?

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