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Birthday Match Game Worksheet

For the birthday match game, the teacher places the worksheet cards around the room. Next, put students in groups of 2 to 4 with one student as a secretary and others as detectives.

Start a timer and have students memorize the birthday and person. Next, they have to report the date and person back to the secretary. Eventually, they will have to race and match all famous birthdays with the correct person. Finally, check with the teacher for correct answers.

For these types of social studies worksheets, students get familiar with the concept of time. In addition, they learn how famous people and inventors relate to history.

Birthday Match Game Answers

Sir Isaac Newton: January 4, 1643
Mahatma Gandhi: October 2, 1869
Julius Caesar: July 13, 100 BC
Napoleon Bonaparte: August 15, 1769
Leonardo da Vinci: April 15, 1452

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