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Famous Politicians Worksheet: Let’s Talk Politics

Over the years, there have been some major historical politicians who have impacted the way we think and conduct ourselves as a society. In the famous politicians’ worksheet and matching game, we talk about these historical figures.

First, students have to read 8 famous politicians and the brief description on the right. Next, they have to match the leader’s name with the description. After they have correctly identified each leader, they have to match each image with the leader’s name.

Finally, students can talk about famous politicians in their home country. Who are the historical figures? What makes a great leader?

Famous Politicians Worksheet Answer Key

1. Julius Caesar: Roman empire politician in 100 BC. (f)
2. John F. Kennedy: 35th US President assassinated during the cold war. (g)
3. Adolf Hitler: Leader of the Nazi party in World War II. (d)
4. Benito Mussolini: Italian leader in World War II. (e)
5. Joseph Stalin: Soviet Union leader during World War II. (b)
6. Abraham Lincoln: 16th President of the United States until his assassination in 1865. (h)
7. Mao Zedong: Communist leader and founding father of the People’s Republic of China (a)
8. Winston Churchill: British Prime Minister in World War II (c)

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