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Teaching English in Mexico

Teaching English In Mexico Feature
You’re not going to strike it rich teaching English in Mexico. But the country is full of simple pleasures, tasty food, nice weather, and relaxed people.

Teaching English in Mexico


Bachelor’s Degree: Preferred but not required

Monthly Salary: $500 to 1,000 USD

Peak Hiring: All year round

Visa Information: Work visa

Housing: Not compensated

Airfare: Not reimbursed

Student Types: Business English and children

At a Glance

Teaching English in Mexico is a growing industry and is a great way to make money abroad. Mexico is a popular destination for expats because of its warm weather and proximity to the United States. While English is not widely spoken in Mexico, there are opportunities to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in private schools, public schools, and language institutes.


Mexico is an awesome place to just live life. It borders the United States so there’s a push to learn English. English teaching jobs are not only available in the public school system but also in language centers and freelancing.

For most English teaching jobs, applicants need a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. On average, you can earn anywhere from $500 to 1,000 USD per month. Living costs are cheap and it’s easy to live comfortably almost anywhere in Mexico.

You’re not going to strike it rich teaching English in Mexico. But the country is full of simple pleasures, tasty food, nice weather, and relaxed people. And don’t forget about the incredible adventure on the way.

Pros of Teaching English in Mexico

  • Friendly and Welcoming: Mexican people are friendly. They are known for their hospitable nature and for being warm and welcoming to visitors. Mexicans are also known for their sense of humor and for being fun-loving people.
  • Perfect Weather: The weather in Mexico can be quite nice for travel, depending on the time of year and region you are visiting. In general, the climate is warm and sunny, with occasional showers.
  • Interesting Places to Visit: Sightseeing is great in Mexico. You can explore the ancient ruins of the Maya and Aztec civilizations, visit the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Riviera, or take a tour of the country’s vibrant cities.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Mexico is relatively low when compared to other countries. For example, basic utilities like electricity and water tend to be much cheaper in Mexico. Additionally, food and transportation costs are also relatively low.

Cons of Teaching English in Mexico

  • Low Wages: In general, it is fair to say that wages for English teachers in Mexico are relatively low when compared to other countries. This is often due to the fact that English teaching jobs in Mexico are commonly found in lower-paying private language schools or in public schools that are on par with other teachers’ wages.
  • Teaching Conditions: English teachers are often not provided with the resources they need to effectively teach their students, and they can face large class sizes and a lack of support from school administrators.
  • Safety Concerns: Mexico’s safety situation varies depending on the specific region you’re visiting. Overall, however, Mexico is generally considered a safe country to teach to. While there are areas that are best avoided, the vast majority of the country is perfectly safe for foreign teachers.

English Language Schools in Mexico

There’s no shortage of English teaching jobs in Mexico, especially in the capital Mexico City. A school needs to sponsor you for a work visa (FM3). If you’re not in Mexico already, this can be difficult but not impossible. There are lots of job postings in Mexico on websites like Indeed.

Some of your best prospects are in Mexican public schools, language centers, and freelancing. Alternatively, you can head over directly to Mexico on a tourist visa. From there, you can find employment there and the school can handle the paperwork for a work visa.

English Langauge Programs

If you want to teach English in Mexico, you should have at least an intermediate level of English fluency. But it’s not necessary for it to be your first language and to have a Bachelor’s degree in education or English.

International schools like the American School Foundation (ASF) offer higher salaries, housing, and other benefits. But the qualifications are stricter to get accepted. Whereas language centers are specialized schools that promote English acquisition through classroom learning. Courses assist with everything from exam preparation to conversational English. For example, Berlitz and Interlingua are some of the popular language centers in Mexico.


Unless you have stellar qualifications to work at an international school or online, you are probably going to put in long hours for low pay. Typically, you can earn anywhere from $500 to 1000 USD monthly in Mexico

Depending on where you live, rent ranges from 4000 MXN to 8000 MXN for most teachers. Altogether, it’s a very affordable country to live in. But it’s just not the place if you want to save money and pay down student loans.

Healthcare is good quality and is usually covered in contracts. You’ll likely rent a room in a shared house. Also, don’t expect to get your flights reimbursed which is the standard working in East Asia such as in China, South Korea, and Japan.

Monthly SalaryTotal
US Dollars (USD)500 to 1,000 USD
Mexican Pesos (MXN)10,000 to 20,000 MXN


To become an English teacher in Mexico, you will need to first obtain a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate from one of the many reputable TEFL programs that are available. With a TEFL certificate, you will be able to teach English to both children and adults in Mexico, as well as in other countries around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a degree to teach English in Mexico?

Yes. You need a degree to teach English in Mexico.

Do you have to speak Spanish to be an English language teacher?

No. You don’t have to speak Spanish. But it would be helpful to know the basics for Spanish in the classroom and for conversation with local people.

How much money can you make teaching English in Mexico?

On average, you’ll earn $500-1000 USD which is equal to 20,000 MXN at the high-end of the scale.

What are Mexican students like?

All cases are different. In general, Mexican students are energetic, self-motivated, confident, and friendly to teaching English.

What are the requirements to be an English teacher in Mexico?

You need a university degree. Some schools require English teachers to have TEFL certification as well.

What are some of the benefits of teaching English in Mexico?

Some of the advantages of teaching English in Mexico are its good weather, cheap and fast subway in the city, learning Spanish, fascinating culture/traditions, and tourist attractions.


  • Mexico has 34 UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The world’s smallest volcano (Cuexcomate) is in Mexico.
  • +128 million people live in Mexico and it’s the 10th most populous country.
  • Mexico City is bigger in size and population compared to New York City.
  • The Aztecs sacrificed around 1% of their population (250,000 people) every year.
  • Its official language is Spanish and has the largest population of Spanish speakers in the world.
  • Mexico’s official name is “Estados Unidades Mexico”.
  • It’s home to the smallest breed of dog, the Chihuahua.
  • Mexico is the 7th most visited country in the world.
  • Mexico is a large exporter of beer such as Corona, Dos Equis, and Sol.
  • Caesar salad and color TV were invented in Mexico.
  • The Day Of The Dead is a national holiday.

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