International TEFL Academy Reviews (ITA)

International TEFL Academy reviews
Are you thinking about enrolling in the International TEFL Academy certification program? While it's a big chunk of change to give to any organization, there are several benefits to taking this TEFL certification. For example, its practicum for teaching experience, help with job placement and its positive reviews from participants. If you want to know how reputable International TEFL Academy is (It's not a scam), then find out more with our question and answers.
Last Updated: May 22, 2018

Should I enroll at International TEFL Academy?

Often the case, people come out of the International TEFL Academy impressed by the support and material they receive. For example, you’ll learn how to structure a proper lesson plan and earn experience with a 20 hour practicum.

With that said, if you have any teaching education or experience prior to taking the course, you might not find this course as useful as other participants. Alternatively, if you want TEFL as a career, there may also be better options for you too.

Simply, people enjoy the course because it gives a solid footing to start thinking about teaching English seriously. And even during your job search, IAT is helpful for reviewing contracts, cover letters and understanding the global job market.

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Did you find the certification they offered was beneficial?

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The most valuable part of the International TEFL Academy is the required practicum which is 20+ hours of ESL tutoring, teaching or classroom observation. This is because some employers abroad are specifically looking for in-class teaching experience.

Overall, it takes about 2.5 months to complete. While it is more money than other TEFL certificate programs, the practicum, advice and lesson planning you receive is worth the extra money you pay.

While they offer student resources upon completion, you also receive a certificate as proof of completion for employers. Many graduates find the course challenging and prepares you better for a job teaching English abroad.

Unless you have teaching experience, you should expect to do a good amount of learning on the job. And really, no matter what TEFL course you enroll in, it depends on where you’re hoping to work and what your career goals are.

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Does International TEFL Academy help with job placement?

Before your job search, the employees at ITA are helpful with giving advice for jobs. In addition, you will have access to their job search manual that lists schools they are affiliated in different countries.

Before applying for a job abroad, their team will proofread your resume. And after you get an offer, a team can also help you review job contracts.

Overall, they know a lot about the ESL job market around the globe. Because of the ITA expertise, it gives a bit more flexibility on where you end up in the world.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to tick the box in your EPIK or JET Programme application, the International TEFL Academy satisfies the required qualification for TEFL jobs (albeit a bit more expensive than other options). Further to this, if you want to teach English in China, a lot of employers require TEFL certification.

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Finally, is International TEFL Academy reputable?

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At this point, everything sounds reasonable about IAT’s certificate program. But there’s still that voice in the back of your head probably wondering: “Is International TEFL program a credible program?”

Short answer: While more expensive than other TEFL certification, they’re not a scam.

Really, there’s no overarching body that accredits TEFL certificates. Although true to a certain degree, International TEFL Academy courses are accredited by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK). Because of this accreditation, it ensures their program is being monitored to the highest standards of curriculum. If you think about it, it’s really the best any TEFL organization can do to be reputable – that is, provide a world-class curriculum ensured by a training qualifications body to give top-notch quality to their learners.

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