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International TEFL Academy (ITA) vs The TEFL Academy (TTA)

International TEFL Academy vs The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy vs the International TEFL Academy

A side-by-side comparison chart that displays the differences between the two top TEFL providers.

The TEFL Academy (TTA) is our recommended TEFL provider because it’s a lower cost option with the same benefits as the International TEFL Academy (ITA). Also, it provides a higher scholarship, internship, and volunteering opportunities, which the ITA does not accommodate.

Winner: The TEFL Academy (TTA)

FactorInternational TEFL Academy (ITA)The TEFL Academy (TTA)
AccreditationITA is recognized by:
• OFQUAL (United Kingdom government) with university-level instructors
ITA Logo Vertical
TTA is the only TEFL provider recognized by both:
• OFQUAL (United Kingdom government)
• DEAC (United States Department of Education)
The TEFL Academy
Rating4.1 Stars
GoAbroad – 9.55
GoOverseas: – 9.3
BBB: – 4.91
4.8 Stars
GoAbroad – 9.2
GoOverseas – 9.4
Teacher Practicum• 20 hours live virtual teaching practice• 20-hour classroom teaching practice in Combined Level 5 TEFL Course
Job Placement• Lifetime job search support for alumni
• Networking through social media (Facebook and Instagram)
• Hundreds of jobs on TEFL job boards
• Links to largest job recruiters around the world
Gravity• 35,000 graduates (6000+ graduates per year)• 100,000+ graduates
Course Locations• Offers TEFL classes online and in 21 locations worldwide
• Course locations are in North America, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
• Offers courses in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA and locations in Europe
Support• Multi-level support from guides, advisors, and course tutors
• Pre-consultation and guidance related to course outcomes and options
• Post-course completion alumni community support
• Dedicated tutor assistance through course content and material
• TEFL learning and resource hub with phone support, live chat, and email
• Disconnected alumni community
Specialty Add-on Courses• Teach English Online (30 Hours)
• Business English (30 Hours)
• Young Learners (30 Hours)
• Teaching Practice Course (10 Hours)
• Teaching Online and 1:1 (30 Hours)
• Business English (30 Hours)
• Young Learners (30 Hours)
Cost• 4-Week Intensive Online TEFL Course – $1999
• 11-Week Online TEFL Course – $1449
• Combined Level 5 TEFL Course 168 Hours – $990
• Online Level 5 TEFL Course 168 Hours – $620
• Teaching Practice Course – $240
• Top-Up Courses – $180
Verdict#1 TEFL certificate for lifetime job search and dedicated support#1 TEFL course for best overall value


  1. I’m a 52-year-old female from SA. Will I be able to teach overseas once I have completed my course?

  2. If I get certified by TTA academy, will I be able to teach in Canadian institutions and schools?

  3. This is misleading, as there are now many other providers regulated by both OFQUAL and DEAC. The TEFL Org is one such provider. So, it’s untrue to say that The TEFL Academy is the “only” provider regulated by both.

  4. Just to let you know, you published the wrong picture under the name of the different schools. It’s confusing.

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