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3 Compound Words Worksheets and Activities

compound words worksheets

3 Compound Words Worksheets and Activities

What do Superman, Robocop, and Catwoman all have in common?

They’re superheroes! Yes. But they’re also all compound words too.

When you put two words together to form another word, you get a compound word.

If you want to test out this subject, then try these 3 compound word worksheets.

1. Compound Words in Pictures

Compound Words Pictures

When you put two words together to form another word, you create compound words. This compound words pictures worksheet is a visual learning activity and gets students thinking about how to form compound words.

First, students examine each picture. After they figure out the compound word in the picture, they write it in the box below. After students finish all the compound words, they draw a compound word in the empty box. Finally, their friends guess what it is until they are correct.

A two-word combo in one is a compound word. Overall, they are a lot of fun to learn about the origin of the word. Below the compound words in words worksheet, we have provided answers to each question.

2. Compound Words Game Board

Compound Words Game Board

This is an extremely fun way to teach compound words where they have to collect compound words through a board game activity. First, put students into pairs. Next, print off the compound word game board and provide dice for each group. After students roll the dice, they will write down the word they land on. As they continue to work through the board game, they will have to create compound words that they write down.

For example, “BLUE” matches with “PRINT” and “BERRY” to form compound words. If they land on these three words, they can earn 2 points – one for each set of compound words. And if they land on “FOOT”, then they can match it with “PRINT” for another point.

In the end, they will be creating almost endless compound words. It’s extremely challenging and fun for them to think of as many possibilities as they can. We’ve seen great success with Compound Word Game Board.

3. Compound Words Matching Game

Compound Words Matching

In this compound words matching exercise, students have to match two words and form compound words. There are 10 compound words with only one answer.

First, connect the dots in each column. Next, think of additional compound words on an additional piece of paper. Finally, review them as a class.

Compound Words Worksheets and Activities

As you can see, compound words can be a lot of fun to teach.

Using these compound word worksheets, students can learn the basics of forming them on their own.

Compound words are single words composed of two words. So how do you teach them?

Please let us know with a comment below.

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