Compound Words Game Board: From Start to Finish, Collect Compound Words

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

This is an extremely fun way to teach compound words where they have to collect compound words through board game activity. First, put students into pairs. Next, print off the compound word game board and provide a dice for each group. After students roll the dice, they will write down the word they land on. As they continue to work through the board game, they will have to create compound words that they write down.

For example, “BLUE” matches with “PRINT” and “BERRY” to form compound words. If they land on these three words, they can earn 2 points – one for each set of compound words. And if they land on “FOOT”, then they can match it with “PRINT” for another point.

In the end, they will be creating almost endless compound words. It’s extremely challenging and fun for them to think of as many possibilities as they can. We’ve seen great success with Compound Word Game Board.

Compound Words Game Board

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Compound Words Game Board List

  • Rail
  • Craft
  • House
  • Fire
  • Note
  • Foot
  • Day
  • Net
  • Play
  • Water
  • Soft
  • Key
  • Car
  • Way
  • Head
  • News
  • Pin
  • Storm
  • Air
  • Son
  • Man
  • Hand
  • Rain
  • Room
  • Ball
  • Book
  • Melon
  • Fall
  • Rock
  • Walk
  • Sand
  • Eye
  • Head
  • Berry
  • Path
  • Bowl
  • Super
  • Print
  • Road
  • Wall
  • Bat
  • Hole
  • Fish
  • Bed
  • Moon
  • Dream
  • Blue
  • Jelly
  • Hole
  • Cross
  • Cave
  • Grand
  • Board
  • Light
  • Line
  • Ground
  • Foot
  • Paper
  • Sun
  • Land
  • Time
  • Base

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