Compound Words for Kids: The Matching Game Worksheet

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Compound Words for Kids: The Matching Game

In this compound words matching exercise, students have to match two words and form compound words. There are 10 compound words with only one answer.

First, connect the dots in each column. Next, think of additional compound words on an additional piece of paper. Finally, review them as a class.

If you want to teach compound words for kids, then this is a great introductory lesson. Along with 3 compound words worksheets and activities, this will put students on solid footing of forming their own.

Compound Words Matching Game Answers

1. Firefighter
2. Notepad
3. Skateboard
4. Stopwatch
5. Bowtie
6. Skyscraper
7. Teaspoon
8. Earthquake
9. Crossbow
10. Grasshopper

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