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Premier TEFL Coupon Code

Premier TEFL Coupon Code Promotion

Are you looking for a discount for the accredited TEFL certificate program by Premier TEFL. Yes? Then, save big with this Premier TEFL coupon code and discount offer.

Here is the current TEFL certification promotion offer available at Premier TEFL:

60% Off Discount
Ends: September 5, 2021

Premier TEFL

premier tefl

An internationally recognized TEFL certificate program with recruitment partners situated around the globe. It’s one of the most affordable, trusted, and internationally recognized TEFL certificate programs available today.


Sometimes it’s just best to go with the most recognized. For TEFL certification, it doesn’t get any better than Premier TEFL. Their internationally recognized certificates are accredited and government-regulated giving you access to higher-paying jobs:

  • Fast-track TEFL course (120 hours)
  • Expert TEFL course (240 hours)
  • Hybrid TEFL course (250 hours)

Also, Premier TEFL is connected with global recruitment partners. This means you can start a paid internship immediately after you earn your certificate. Instead of searching for job placement, you can do both a TEFL certification and teaching internship at the same time!