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TEFLPros Review: Go with the Pros?

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Rated 3.5 out of 5
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TEFLPros Review

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TEFLPros have put together a 120-hour accredited digital TEFL course. Overall, the course material is well-organized with a focus on classroom teaching. Read our TEFLPros review to find out if you should go with the Pros.


TEFLPros have put together a 120-hour digital TEFL course. The course material is well-organized with a focus on lesson planning, classroom management, and student interaction. You are graded based on the quizzes for each module, final exam, and portfolio submission.

  • TEFLPros 120-Hour Digital TEFL Course

Upon graduation, you will receive a hard copy and an electronic copy of your TEFL certificate.  You will also receive an activity book and interview/resume guide to help you get hired after completing the program.

TEFLPros Review

TEFLPros has laid out an interactive TEFL course with an emphasis on teaching in the classroom. It’s smart how TEFLPros has structured their 120-hour digital course with a mix of visual, written, and 50+ hour video content.

The course is 100% online and is ideal for digital learners. The skills you learn in this course are relevant to your future job as an educator abroad. As one of the top TEFL courses today, it prepares you to be a more effective teacher in your adventure abroad.

Course Content

The main focus is on lesson planning, classroom management, and student interaction. When you take the course, it’s easy to realize that TEFLPros are specialists in the TEFL classroom environment.

Specifically, they have a wealth of knowledge using real teachers and real students. The goal of this program is to help you get the practical skills, job support, and fully accredited certificate that you need to become an English teacher.

  • 10 modules of core course material
  • 32 units to build your skill-set
  • 9 trainer chat videos on TEFL topics
  • 17 hours of in-classroom observation
  • Explanatory videos
  • Lesson planning instructions
TEFLPros Course


One of my main complaints is that the course doesn’t offer any teaching practice as seen in some other TEFL programs.  Without any teaching experience, you should expect to do a good amount of learning on the job. Not only that, but it can also limit the number of job opportunities you can apply for.  But you do get a portfolio of teaching material that you can show to employers.

Another complaint is that the bulk of the coursework is online. While some prefer virtual learning, you don’t get the interactivity that you get from a classroom setting. Understandably, it’s hard to accommodate the various countries where participants are coming from. Just remember that TEFLPros is a digital course.  If you prefer learning virtually and doing coursework online, then this option is one of the best ways to go.

The Verdict

TEFLPros is clearly focused on teaching in the classroom. If you want an emphasis on lesson planning, classroom management, and student interaction, this course is for you.

The reviews for their TEFL course have been mostly positive with a couple of negative reviews. Many graduates find TEFL Pros a rewarding certificate program because it’s one of the best that prepares you as a TEFL teacher abroad.

We, at All ESL, recommend this TEFL certification program and overall, you won’t be let down by the TEFLPros course. We rank it in the #3 spot in our review of the best TEFL courses.



Accredited by an international accreditation body.


Access to a global partnership of vetted schools.


Preparation and help for interview, resume, and job placement.


Widely recommended from past TEFLPros graduates.


Build a professional teaching portfolio for employers.


Confidence in lesson planning and teaching .


I was happy with the TEFLPros course, especially with the different learning styles. It was very interactive, and I enjoyed that I could finish it at my own pace.

Throughout the course, I created my own lesson plans. All reviewed by a tutor. This helped me be more confident and stand up in front of a classroom to teach English.

TEFLPros gave me a lot of feedback and support during the course to help me build a portfolio. The interview and resume guide were helpful for me to get a job as an English teacher.

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User Reviews

Great material but needs in-classroom

Rated 3.0 out of 5
March 10, 2020

I found the course material to be interesting, and I liked the readings, videos, and quizzes that were used to help the students understand the concepts being taught.

I felt that the assignments gave me enough direction to understand how to approach them but enough leeway to allow me to creatively apply the concepts being learned to them.

I would have liked an in-classroom option to get some teaching practice. But the videos were helpful.


Great for teaching like a pro

Rated 4.0 out of 5
October 16, 2019

They keep to very high standards to give you the best TEFL education out there with the coursework at just the right level of intensity to give you the education you paid for. There’s a big focus on being prepared for your classes with lots of assessment and quizzes throughout. The hard copy certificate is a nice touch when you graduate, plus their package of teaching aids you get when finished