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10 English Teaching Jobs Online

English Teaching Jobs Online-Feature

Online English Teaching Platforms

Here are 10 English teaching jobs online to help you get started as an ESL teacher.

Each English learning platform will pair up with potential candidates for you to earn money and teach English online.

The biggest perk is how you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Now, let’s get to the places where you can teach English online. Here are some of the best online English teaching platforms where you can immediately start:

1. Magic Ears

Magic Ears

By teaching English online, you can earn up to 26$ per hour through Magic Ears. Classrooms are typically 1 teacher for every 4 students to create an effective environment for English learning.

If you are a talented English teacher who can deliver exciting, engaging online English classes, apply today.

2. QKids

QKids is a leading online education platform that connects North American English teachers with over 1 million international students from ages 4 to 12.

It has an organized curriculum so you don’t have to dig any lesson planning.

3. Italki


Italki pairs students up with native teachers for 1-on-1 language lessons. It’s one of the most popular language apps available today. For those without a degree, you can sign up as a community tutor (type 3).

If you have TEFL certification, then you can become a type 2 qualified teacher. In general, teachers have positive feedback for italki and highly recommend it. But some of the dislikes from English teachers are more at the end of students with late cancellations or being late.

4. Lingoda


Lingoda is actually one of our favorite English learning apps. It’s trusted and one of the higher quality teaching platforms. As an online English teacher, you get flexibility, a structured curriculum, and dedicated support.

Small classes keep you and your students motivated. As part of Lingoda, Language Sprints are intense 3-month conversation classes. They encourage students to never miss a class throughout their course and can even get refunds for attendance.

5. Cambly


Cambly is a flexible online teaching website for tutoring adults and kids. The application process can take just a week before you start teaching. You make a profile with your teaching qualifications and upload a video.

If you get accepted, you start getting students from all around the world. Although the teaching wages are comparably lower, you still get paid weekly through PayPal. Teachers like the relaxed atmosphere from Cambly with more of a focus on conversational English.

6. Preply


Preply is an English tutor platform that matches tutors with students. The lessons on Preply are 1-on-1 at a set hourly wage. You don’t need a degree or prior experience. But you have to be a native speaker of English.

First, you fill in your profile information. Then, you create an introductory video so students know what you sound like. It’s flexible for setting hours and deciding the price for your hourly wage. They are also good for handing out lesson plans if you don’t have any good ESL worksheets.

7. Rype


Rype is another way to make money at home being an online English teacher. The program pairs students with native-English speakers (that’s you).

But you first have to be accepted to be an online teacher on Rype. They assess your experience, skillset, and teaching style. If you’re a good fit for our community, they welcome you aboard.

8. Tutlo


Tutlo is an online platform for English teachers and students. The sessions are mostly 1-on-1 lessons. If you want to teach online through Tutlo, the requirements are fairly basic.

For example, you need to be a native speaker, 6 months of teaching experience, and be a good conversationalist. Payments are through PayPal with a large number of students from Eastern Europe like Poland.

9. Fluent City

Fluent City

Fluent City is an up-and-coming platform for private and group English lessons. Some of its biggest advantages are its ready-to-teach materials, superior training, and teacher bonuses and incentives.

Although it’s based in New York City, it’s a growing platform that keeps an eye out for its teachers.

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  1. I am an ESL instructor with a master degree in education TESOL, and a CELTA certificate. I speak English up to a native speaker standard. I have 18 years teaching experience. I am willing to work online in order to increase my income.

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